Terms and conditions

All provisions mentioned below represent a legal obligation between you as a customer-service user and the organizer and this is the only condition to resolve any possible disputes.

By purchasing the program offered by Montenegro travel club you enter into a legal relationship with the tour operator. By signing the contract-application for travel, you agree that you are familiar with the program of travel and travel conditions and accept them in their entirety. All provisions mentioned below represent a legal obligation between you as a customer-service user and the organizer and this is the only condition to resolve any possible disputes.


The traveler may sign up for travel using on line communication with the agency (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer) or at authorized agencies – partners. (hereinafter: agent). When the agent in the confirmation of travel does not indicate its capacity as an agent, it shall be responsible for the execution of the program of travel as the organizer. The application shall become valid when it is confirmed by the conclusion of a written contract-application for travel (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

Individuals or groups (more than 7 persons) can book transferring the money via bank wire transfer where is required a guarantee in the amount of a 50% deposit of the total price of the tour package after confirmation. The remaining 50% of the total price must be paid at latest a minimum of 15 days before the scheduled arrival of the group. Payment can be done via Visa, MasterCard, or American express card or by paying the money into the account of Montenegro travel club - travel agency, specifically into an account held by the Organizer with a commercial bank.

The guest list - At least two weeks before the planned arrival of guests, they are required to send as all their necessary personal details. The same applies to the subagent that has the duty to deliver the guest list. The following personal details of the guests are required: name, surname, passport number. In case of any changes in relation to the guest list it is necessary to let us know at latest a minimum of 7 days prior to the arrival of guests.


The rights and obligations of the organizer are to:

- Issue to the traveler the Travel Agreement / application for the travel,
- Provide the traveler with a travel program and overall conditions of travel,
- To take care about the rights and interests of the traveler in accordance with good business practice in this area,
- To let the traveler know about the possibility of offering different types of insurance,
- To pay to the traveler an adequate compensation regarding any timely and well-founded written complaint for complete or partial non-performance of services covered by the travel program, unless the omissions in the execution of travel programs occurred: by the fault of the traveler or third parties who are not direct contracting service providers in the implementation of the travel program; by force majeure; or on the basis of unforeseen events that the organizer could not reasonably predict.


- The Organizer of travel has the right to make changes in the tour program if they are caused by extraordinary circumstances that the Organizer could not reasonably predict, avoid, or eliminate, as well as changes in the program that arise during the trip after consultation and with the consent to the changing of the program of more than 80% of the travel group.
- The Organizer shall be liable to inform the travelers as soon as possible in the case of changes to the travel program before the trip.
- During the travel program it is possible to change the order of stay and tourist programs, which does not cause compensation to be due to the travelers.
- Accommodation designated by the Organizer can be replaced by accommodation in another hotel, or private accommodation of the same type and of the same or a higher category than that provided in the travel program.
- The Organizer shall be obliged to inform the travelers about the cancellation of travel for these reasons at least 7 days before the date of the trip and shall be required to repay the traveler the entire sum paid no later than 15 days from the date of cancellation.
- The Organizer has the same rights in the case that before or during the trip unexpected circumstances occur that could not reasonably be predicted, avoided or eliminated and which did not exist at the time of receiving payments for the trip.
- If the trip is interrupted for these reasons, the Organizer is entitled to compensation for services actually rendered.
- The tour operator shall not be held responsible for any health problems on the part of the traveler.


- The right and obligation of the traveler shall include familiarization with the travel program and the right to receive a written copy of the same.
- To sign the agreement on organized travel and thereby to confirm that he/she is familiar with the travel program and to accept the travel program and the general terms and conditions of travel, on their own behalf and on behalf of any traveler for whose needs they are paying, which, during the conclusion of the agreement (either on their own behalf or on behalf of any traveler on whose behalf they are concluding the agreement) confirms their acceptance of the clauses in the application "I agree with the general terms and conditions of travel"
- To pay the amount in the appropriate currencies, in the correct manner and according to the schedule as planned.
- To provide all data and documents to the organizer in due time which are required for transport, accommodation and border formalities. For any inaccuracies in these documents or data, all responsibility shall be borne by the traveler himself/herself.
- It is his/her responsibility that both the traveler’s documents and luggage meet the requirements laid down in our rules, as well as in the regulations of the countries in which they travel (border, customs, sanitary, monetary, and so on). In case of non-compliance, any and all consequences shall be borne by the traveler.
- The traveler shall be personally responsible and shall bear any and all consequences for any damages he/she makes to the tour operator by the non- execution or violation of these and other laws, regulations and administrative provisions.
- The traveler is obliged to respect the house rules of the facility he/she is accommodated in and shall be personally responsible for any damage that might possibly occur to the building, room or apartment during the time of his/her stay in the same.


- The traveler may designate another person to use the services provided in the travel program instead of him/her. The condition is that such a person meets the specific requirements provided for a specific trip and to reimburse to the tour operator the costs caused by the replacement process.
- The traveler shall only pay the costs incurred by the Organizer if the cancellation is due to circumstances that could not be reasonably avoided or eliminated, namely: the illness or death of the traveler, their spouse, relatives of the first inheritance line, brother or sister; as a result of a call for military service being issued to the traveler or an officially declared natural disasters. In these cases the traveler shall be obliged to submit written evidence to the Organizer.

No refund: Keep in mind that the cancellation policy is very strict for the following services: international and domestic flights, accommodation, boat rides, rent a car, and it can apply for some activities which organizer needs to mention in your tour program. Therefore, the tour operator is not able to refund any payment made for those services that are reserved through us.

- The Organizer shall not be responsible for and shall have no liability towards a traveler who voluntarily terminates the trip or who is unable to continue the trip, including in the case of loss of baggage by travelers.
- In the event of any violation of the law and especially the law of the country where you are staying, committed by any traveler, any and all consequences shall be borne by the traveler personally, and a tour operator shall not be required to provide any additional service to the same person (the perpetrator of the offense), and the same shall apply if the offense is made by a group of travelers. The Organizer, also in this case, shall have no material obligation towards the said traveler or group of travelers.
- The tour operator recommends to the users of its services to insure themselves and their luggage with a reputable insurance company, in order to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances.
- We suggest to all the travelers to check are they in good health and good physical condition before booking any of the our tours that are requiring physical effort, such as hiking tours, horse riding, kayaking, rafting and canyoning.
- Minors can become beneficiaries of travel arrangements only when accompanied by one parent or with the written consent of both parents certified by a court.
-Some of the activities may apply the rule that the minors need to have certain age or certain weight so they can join it.

Cancellation policy (Up to 7 people);

- The traveler has the right to cancel the trip, informing the tour operator thereof in writing. The date of receipt of the written cancellation shall be the basis for the calculation of the fee, which is to be retained by the Organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total price as follows:
- Free of charge - if you cancel 30 days prior to travel,
- 20% - if you cancel 29 to 15 days prior to travel,
- 50% - if you cancel 14 to 3 days prior to travel,
- 100% - if you cancel your trip less than 3 days before beginning of travel.

Cancellation policy – Groups (More than 7 people);

For any group cancellations, in accordance with standard business practice in tourism, the tour operator points out its obligation to charge a fee, which occurs due to the cancellation, as a percentage of the total price if the notice of cancellation is received as follows:
- 60-30 days before the planned date of arrival of the group - 10% of the estimated total cost,
- 29-15 days before the planned date of arrival of the group - 50% of the total cost,
- 14-10 days before the planned date of arrival of the group - 70% of the total cost,
- Less than 10 days before the planned arrival of the group - 100% of the total cost.
Cancellation notice: If you want to cancel your booking of the tour package, please inform the travel agent of the tour as soon as possible.
Cancellation of the individual within the group reservation or the total price if the notice of cancellation is received:
- 30 - 11 days before the planned date of arrival of the group - 20% of the total cost,
- 10 - 5 days before the planned date of arrival of the group - 50% of the total cost,
- 72 - 24 Hours before the planned date of arrival of the group - 75% of the total cost,
- Less than 24 hours before the planned date of arrival of the group - 100% of the total cost.

All notices regarding cancellation or any changes must be sent to us in writing, by the phone or by e-mail.

- The Organizer has the right to cancel the trip if the minimal number of travelers foreseen for the travel program has not been reached. The minimum number of travelers will be defined in the travel program.


Prices are formed on the basis of the business policy of the organizers and cannot be the subject of any objection or complaint.
The package price does not include (unless agreed otherwise by a special agreement):
- Airport tax and airline fees,
- Optional excursions,
- The costs of obtaining and issuing visas,
- Additional services, room service, meals which are not provided under the program, sports, medical, telephone or any other services not specifically listed in the travel program.

- The organizer may increase the price and demand additional payment if there is a change in the currency exchange rate, changes in the tariffs of the carrier, if it affects the price of travel, increased legal, tax, or other similar obligations. If the increase of the agreed price exceeds 10%, the traveler may, by written cancellation, terminate the agreement without liability for damages, but not later than 48 hours from the submission of the notice of the increase in prices in which case he/she shall be entitled to a refund of what he/she has paid to the Organizer. If within the specified period, the traveler does not inform the Organizer in writing about the termination of the agreement, it shall be considered that he/she agrees to pay the new price.

Tourist travel includes a combination of at least two of the following services: transport service, guide-companion, accommodation, food, and the preparation and organization of the trip, for which service a unique price is defined by each travel program.


- If any damage should be compensated by a service provider, the Organizer shall decide whether he will make a payment, and will receive the compensation from the service provider or he will represent the traveler to gain compensation from the service provider who has caused the damage. For disputes regarding damages on this basis, the court of general jurisdiction shall be competent.
- If the services from the travel program are incomplete, the traveler can request proportional compensation if he/she delivers to the organizer a timely and justified written complaint. Every traveler contract holder must file a complaint separately because the Organizer shall not accept group complaints in the complaints process.

The process regarding complaints:

-The Traveler shall be required to submit a complaint for ​​inadequate service to the representative of the Organizer or other authorized person of the direct service provider. The traveler shall be obliged to cooperate with the representatives of the Organizer and the direct service provider in good faith in order to try to rectify the problem.
- If the cause of the complaint is not rectified on the spot, the traveler with a representative of the Organizer and provider of services shall make a written confirmation thereof in two copies signed by both parties. The traveler holds one copy of this confirmation. If the cause of the complaint is removed the traveler shall be required to sign a confirmation of the same, otherwise it is considered that the travel program is fully implemented.
- For the subsequent 8 days after returning from the trip, if the cause of the complaint is not rectified on the spot, the traveler has the right to file a written complaint to the Organizer, accompanied by written confirmation and possible receipts for payment of any additional costs. The Organizer is obliged to take into consideration only timely, reasoned and well documented complaints.
- The Organizer is obliged to provide the traveler with a written response within 15 days from the receipt of the complaint. The Organizer shall solve only those complaints that could not be solved during the trip.
- Until the Organizer provides their written response within the specified time, the traveler shall refrain from engaging in mediation with any other person or court institution or giving information to the media.

The compensation based on complaint may reach only the cost of the part of service relevant to the complaint. It cannot cover already used services, nor reach the amount of the total price of the travel program.

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