About Montenegro

Welcome to the wild and beautiful Montenegro!

Where in the world will you find rich natural beauty, rugged mountains, awe-inspiring beaches, deep canyons, ancient towns, instinctive forests and untouched glacial lakes? In Montenegro of course!

Montenegro is a sovereign country located in the Southeastern part of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula.It is one of the smallest countries in Europe with a population of fewer than one million people. This amazing country gets its name from the dark mountain forests that cover the land and mountains all over the country. Originally country is called by its locals “Crna Gora” or country of black hills, and the name Montenegro is a literal translation of it on Italian language and it dates from a few centuries ago. The name breaks down into two words, MONTE means mountain and NEGRO which means black.

Black lake

As one of the Balkan countries influenced by different Empires; in Montenegro, you will find a mix of different nationalities, cultures and religions.Even in one settlement, it is normal to find Montenegrins, Serbs, Croatians, Albanians that are Orthodox, or Roman Catholic or Muslims living together harmoniously. To learn more about Montenegro’s long history, you can visit the Old towns of Kotor, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj, explore the ruins of old towns in Risan, Niksic, Herceg Novi and Podgorica, or visit our great Christian and Muslims churches and mosques like Husein’s pasha mosque in Pljevlja from 16th century. The monastery of Ostrog from the 17th century, located above the Bjelopavlici valley is one of the most visited shrines in the Orthodox Christian world, or down south in Kotor - the Roman Catholic cathedral of Saint Tryphon from the 12th century.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro has its name on UNESCO heritage list, thanks to – culture of Bay of Kotor with the Kotor old town and its fortifications and medieval palaces and churches of Kotor and Perast. Old olive tree in Bar by the Adriatic coast, is known as the oldest olive tree in the Europe with the estimated age around 2400 years that made it to be also part of UNESCO natural heritage.

The south of Montenegro has a 300km long stretch Adriatic coast that is endowed with a magical charm that will leave you a changed person after you visit it.Its beautiful Rivieras, 117 beaches, long and warm summer season, beautiful cities and the typical Mediterranean style of life, draw tourists in large numbers each year.As you go northern, this amazing country will show you Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula, famous for its 270 species of birds, and mountain Lovcen with the most dominant position on the south of Montenegro that separates Adriatic coast from its inland zones. Both of these parks are great natural and cultural heritage of our country.Up north, you would find the magnificent towering mountains of Durmitor, Prokletije, Bjelasica, Komovi and Piva with deep river canyons and gorges, making it one of the most unspoilt places in Europe.

Our natural zone that is UNESCO protected is Durmitor mountain together with the zones of river Sushica, black pine zone and Tara river – tear of Europe.Montenegro has the second deepest canyon in the world, river Tara canyon also known as the ‘Tear of Europe’ because of its clean drinkable water. Montenegro is a home to one of the oldest virgin forests in Europe, the Biogradska Gora National Park with the forest communities that go back to over 400 years.

The best part about visiting Montenegro is that you can easily combine a visit to the Adriatic coast with mountains hikes in a span of just a few hours’ drive, giving travelers a varied experience in one holiday.

What it all comes down to, is that the soul of Montenegro does not just reside in its material heritage, monuments and natural resources, but it resonates in the hospitality, generosity and warmth of its people.

We are here to make sure our clients experience the most of Montenegro! Our love for nature and history as well as our passion to share Montenegro’s beauty to the world allow us to build a strong connection with locals in every part of Montenegro who feels just as passionately about sharing their love for this country!Our local hosts live in small villages all over the country and open their hearts and homes to us, telling us stories about the old and new way of life, treating us to homemade traditional Montenegrin treats made of meat, cheese, rakija, honey and wine, prepared in the ways of their ancestors.

All of this comes together in the most magical way and makes your trip to Montenegro truly a story worth telling!

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